Many years ago, I worked as part of a development team developing and maintaining a large Israeli internet portal called Nana.

Development was not where it is today, most of the mechanisms that are widely available for developers today, were written from scratch by our team, but the work was about the same.

Infrastructure was however, a very different ball game.

All the infrastructure was hosted in the same building, everything was physical and there were about 45 machines running the portal because it was a very popular portal at the time.

At some point I had to learn some of that infrastructure and I was amazed by how complicated everything was. Malfunctions happened often and there was hardly ever any automation when it came to the hardware that ran Nana back then. It was a nightmare.

When a friend introduced me to AWS a few years back, I was at awe with what has been achieved by Amazon. I kept thinking how easy it would be to maintain the same monstrous portal on AWS infrastructure today.

I was instantly fascinated and drawn to the amount of possibilities that a solution like that may offer to large teams of developers but also to an entrepreneur who just paid a software company to develop this little app and now he needs this app to be deployed somewhere.

That is what I aim to give clients today, a deployment solution for their software, no matter how big or how small.

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